Location Media Training Camera Crew

Brian Barnes

Lighting Camera Showreel

Osmium films has been providing Media Training Camera Crew since the early 1990s.

Most assignments are carried out by Brian Barnes, who has been a professional Media Training Cameraman since 1989. If Brian is not available, we can supply another Cameraman of similar experience.

Media Training Cameraman Brian Barnes on a location media training shoot
Media Training Cameraman

Brian Barnes on a location shoot

We can come to any venue in the UK or Europe. We usually set up in the same room as the main training is taking place. However, if you prefer, we can set up in a separate room, with live relay back to the main training room, if needed and/or practicable.

Set-ups available:
TV or Radio One-to-One
TV or Radio Down-the-Line
Face-to-Face Press
Telephone Interviews
Presentation Training
Press Conference

Rates include individual DVDs for delegates, which will be handed out at the end of your session. For an extra charge, a compilation DVD can be made after the event and posted on afterwards.

Please contact Brian to discuss your Media Training Camera Crew requirements and make a booking.