About Brian Barnes

Corporate Video Director Brian Barnes on a shoot
Brian Barnes

lining up a shot

Brian Barnes is an award-winning Director, Editor and Lighting Cameraman with a career stretching back to 1987.

His corporate work takes in countless high-profile clients across many sectors, including Fin­ancial Services, Pharma­ceutical, Medical, Food, Charitable and Training organis­ations, among others.

For 17 years until 2006 he ran the images Media Training & Production Studio in Riding House Street. When that studio closed, Brian used his unique experience and position to set up the Osmium films Media Training Studio at Theos.

Corporate Video Director Brian Barnes on a shoot for Google
Brian shooting

a video for Google

His track record includes directing over 500 hours of live TV, 1 feature film and co-directing 2 others, and 25 short films, many of which have won awards and been sold to TV around the world.

Brian is a graduate of the prestigious Royal College of Art Film School and is a member of the Directors’ Guild of Great Britain. Usefully, he has a degree in Astrophysics.

However, his most relevant skill is being able to do the Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes!