How Osmium films will help your business

We do everything we can to help your business communicate with your audience.

We make award-winning Corporate Videos that get your message across and convey the excitement and dynamism of your organisation.

We have shot for over 3000 days since 1987 for hundreds of clients across dozens of sectors, including 3 of the World’s Top 5 brands - Apple, Google and Microsoft. Recent clients include Amazon and Facebook and we have made 2 charity videos with (then-Prime-Minister) Tony Blair. We won the Snippies Editor’s Choice Award with our video for Intel.

Media Training Cameraman Brian Barnes on a location media training shoot

Brian Barnes on a location shoot

We specialise in running the technical side of your Media Training sessions seamlessly and professionally.

We know that, as a media trainer, you look good to your clients when the technology works and you can concentrate on delivering your training points. We can send a Location Media Training Camera Crew to a location of your choice.

Osmium films is a video prod­uction company based in Surrey Quays, Southeast London. Osmium is owned and managed by Brian Barnes.

People often ask about the name of the company. Osmium (oz-mee-umm) is the densest element in the periodic table. Brian comes from a scientific back­ground and chose a name which reflected his beginnings in science videos for edu­cational est­ablish­ments. He also likes to think that the element's density reflects on how densely plotted his films are.